A journey to self wealth

A journey to self wealth


Mark Lee

Changing my money attitude

For many years I’ve been under the typical money mindset that I reckon 80 to 90 percent of people live to…

Get a job, work hard, pay your pension and wait until you’re 65+ to retire.

I now think that’s pretty crap advice! 

Mark Lee

Changing my money attitude

For many years I’ve been under the typical money mindset that I reckon 80 to 90 percent of people live to…

Get a job, work hard, pay your pension and wait until you’re 65+ to retire.

I now think that’s pretty crap advice! 


This sort of advice led me down a sensible career route of engineering over something I possibly could have been more passionate about, like art. Don’t get me wrong, at the time I had a passion for engineering and a drive to learn more about it… and it has led me to a successful career as an engineering specialist earning a “reasonable” wage.

I say reasonable, because at one point I couldn’t have dreamed of earning the money I do now.

But that’s not enough anymore.

My career doesn’t fill me with passion. My creativity is stunned and my work doesn’t count to anything that matters to me.

What’s more is I have to work the hours decided by someone else, I’m on call at times which prevents me fully enjoying my free time and the days in the job are long, dirty and I’m hidden from the beauty the world has to offer.

So, over the last few years, I’ve shifted my mindset and realised the possibilities in life of feeling fulfilled!

What stops me quitting my job then and going for this fulfilled lifestyle? 


Money has become such a needed asset these days to do almost anything. It’s an exchange of value. So if I want to travel, I need money to exchange for transport and accomodation.

Money is the reason why so many of us work and stay in work until retirement…

I’m aiming to break that through this journey of generating financial wealth, through businesses, trading and investing.

I’m educating myself through books, courses and mentors to learn from those who’ve already attained wealth and I’m sharing my journey here.

I know it’s not going to be easy. I need to step out my comfort zone, be disciplined and really put myself out there.

I’d love you to follow my journey and hopefully I can help you learn something to so you can also achieve your dreams!


2017 became a transformational year in cryptocurrencies as the strength and benefits of the blockchain technology became apparent, as well as the success of cryptocurrencies being used for some shadier transfers of value!

Cryptocurrencies is now something the world cannot ignore. Including me.

I really didn’t know much about cryptocurrencies at all and some online research into Bitcoin left me baffled, confused and trying to understand computing terms that I had no experience of.

So when my Forex mentor, Siam Kidd, decided he was launching a crypto course, I new I wanted in.

December 2017 I made my first crypto investment. I really couldn’t have gotten involved at a worse time! There was a pre-Christmas crypto boom that caused the market to sky rocket meaning I got in, saw some great profits and then watched the correction happen whilst my cryptocurrency balances sat in the red.

But, no actual money was lost. I held my ground and with the help of the course and the ongoing group mentorship support, I learnt how to understand the market and the assets involved.

I also learnt how to manage and control my own crypto accounts, exchanges and wallets meaning I am the one holding my assets. There’s too many companies out there that offer huge returns when you give them your crypto assets. The problem there is the assets become theirs, not yours and you have no easy access to withdraw.

Make sure, when you invest in cryptocurrencies, you get educated and you are the one holding your assets. This is a “wild west” market currently, so I’m glad I have the support of a good mentor and support network to help guide and educate me.


Forex is something I’ve been trying to understand since 2013 but never really put the required effort into or had the right mindset about either.

I’d attended my first forex course run by Samuel Leach, now the founder of the successful Samuel & Co trading company.

I’d met Sam on a previous introduction to spread betting and we’ve kept in touch since. He is one of my inspirations and proof that if you are focussed, educated, consistent and have the right mindset, you can achieve your financial dreams.

Back in 2013, I was definitely not in the right mindset and I struggled to be consistent.

An interesting encounter in 2017 led me to thinking of trading again. It’s something that had always interested and intrigued me.

A further turn of events led me to finding an ex RAF pilot turned trader. We served on the same Sqn and contact was made. I decided to accept Siam Kidd as a mentor and signed up to join his Realistic Trader education and support group.

Forex spread betting is a long term learning. There’s too many people who promote trading via their already gained wealth. Trading won’t take you from poor to Lamborghini overnight!

Having previously blown trading accounts, my next stage of growth was capital preservation. For most of 2017, my account sat steady at break-even and I’m excited by generating profits during 2018.

Part of my journey is to share with you what it’s really like learning to trade, what strategies to employ and how to manage your risk capital.

Money Mindset & Money Management

Money mindset has been a huge part of my transformational journey! From someone who used to spend every last penny and often relied on credit to fund the rest of the month, money became a real worry for me.

I’d made bad financial decisions in my past and it has taken me a long time to recover from them. 

For many years I had to forgo holidays and simple pleasure in order to cut-back just to pay the bills. If I wanted more, I had to work more. This was a cycle that took a long time to break.

I had decided I never wanted to fall into this cycle again and really wanted to understand money and how it works so I could make better financial decisions and start generating wealth.

The problem is I fell into a negative money mindset. As much as I wanted to have more money, I actually believed money was evil!

I’ve since read many books on money mindset and money management as well as investing in financial education such as the Realistic Trader.

Now, I live to a six jar system as explained in “The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker.

This is allowing me to meet my bills and pay my debts, continuously invest in education, invest into wealth generating assets, give to charity, save for holidays and have a monthly fun fund! It meets all the criteria’s that we should need money for.

I now see that money is simply just an exchange of value. We all give and receive value… money is simply a form of exchange that allows that to happen. I’m open to giving and receiving money.

I’ve compiled a recommended reading list and I invite you to take a look. Books offer some of the best value education you can get! For a small price you can learn from those who’ve already achieved and you can learn to avoid mistakes that they made.